Aluminum Dip Brazing Samples

Parfuse Corporation offers one of the finest and largest precision metal joining facilities in the country with extreme emphasis on aluminum dip brazing. For over 50 years, our staff has satisfied customer’s needs worldwide. Parfuse has gained outstanding respect for creative achievements of intricate parts and assemblies, heat exchangers, electronic chassis, and microwave assemblies.

From prototype to high volume production, Parfuse is geared to deliver the most precise requirements to the highest standards of quality.

Industries We Specialize In

As your partner in the supply chain, our commitment to quality and professional service assures you that you have chosen the right supplier for your aluminum dip brazing requirements. We serve the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Aviation
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Commercial

Categories and Types of Aluminum Dip Brazing Samples

Waveguides and Antennas

  • Wall Airborne Waveguide

  • Broadwall Coupler

  • Phased Array Slotted

  • Antenna

  • Multiple Joint Waveguides

  • Finned Termination

Electronic Chassis and Enclosures

  • Large Shipboard Electronic Chassis

  • Cabinet

  • Hermetically Sealed Enclosure

  • Electronic Enclosure

  • Electronic Chassis

  • Large Electronic Cover

Heat Exchangers and Heat Sinks

  • Curved Heat Exchanger
  • Commercial Boiler Heat Exchanger
  • Air to Liquid Heat Exchanger
  • Finned Heat Sink

  • Air to Air Heat Exchanger

  • Black Tubular Heat Exchanger
  • Round Heat Exchanger

Avionic Chassis

  • Power Supply Chassis

  • Seal Tight Avionic Chassis

  • Airborne Avionic Chassis

  • EMI/RFI Shielded Leak Tight Avionic Chassis

  • DTV Housing

  • Avionic Chassis

  • Aircraft Machined Power Supply Chassis

Machined Components

  • Large Production Unit

  • Paint Ball Gun

  • CNC Machined Housing
  • Machined Housing

  • Exotic Machined Housing

Impellers and Venturi Housing

  • Venturi Housing with Connector Blocks and Mounting Legs

  • Vaned Impeller

  • Venturi Housing Dip Brazed

  • Venturi Housing for Air Flow

X-Ray Housings

  • Anode/Center/Cathode X-Ray Tube

  • Electronic Chassis

  • X-Ray Tube Assembly

  • Deep Drawn Assembly

  • Medical X-Ray Housing

Sheet Metal Components

  • Sheet Metal Chassis (dip brazed)

  • Sheet Metal Cover

  • Dip Brazed Igniter Chassis

  • Sheet Metal Avionic Housing

  • Sheet Metal Chassis (tabbed together and dip brazed)

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